Monday, August 9, 2010

Biking ~

This is like a typical place we teach.. many just like this.. trails we walk on a lot are like this too :) just so you can have an idea.. kinda where i am.. i have lots more pics but it takes forever, so i'll prolly just send one or two a week.
Wow, this week was definately more of a trying week. But there were a lot of good experiences. First off, we were biking up this huge hill and my back bike tire goes completely flat. We were like 4 miles from home, and it was just awesome, it took us an hour to walk back to the house at the end of the day haha... but I'm really stoked that my tire popped, because on the way up the hill, when my tire popped, I shouted to Elder Ashton to stop because i had a flat tire. A family in a house on the side of the road heard me shout and called us over to ask us what two white boys were doing pushing bikes in Jamaica, and we are now teaching them. :) If it hadn't been for my tire popping, we would have just rode right past on the way to our next appointment. Everything truly does happen for a reason, because the place where my tire popped was super smooth and there was no reason for it to pop there. SO that was way neat, because we had been praying for more investigators to teach. So other than the walk back home pushing our bikes, it was a great experience. :) haha..
But ya, things here are going well. I'm getting in way good shape biking 11 hours a day. THe other day, me and Elder Ashton were biking along and these two guys about our age yelled out "Hey white boys!!! Wanna race!!!" me and Elder Ashton looked at each other and thought about it for a minute, and were just like... sure why not??.. so we said "ya mon".. and it was on haha.. they pulled up next to us... then i was just like... alright.... and we took off haha... it was such a blast!! once we had gotten a ways ahead, we stopped, and waited for them to come up, and they were mostly just frustrated that they just got beat by two white guys in a bike race, so they didn't really wanna talk to us, so nothing good really came of it... but..... it was a blast haha.. Oh and we stopped and played some futbol (soccer) with some people we are teaching the other day too.. so that was way fun.. they were really surprised that we weren't completely worthless... but most Jamaican's are way good at soccer.. it was a lot of fun.
Food here is great too!! I have eaten so many weird fruits that i have never even heard of before. I can't think of their names right now, but it's awesome. People we teach just hand us stuff and we don't really act questions and it usually ends up being pretty good.... But ya, figuring out what to cook and eat regularly has been an adventure.. they have some American things, but they are all expensive, so I have been trying to figure out how to cook the Jamaican things without too much success so far haha.. most I just eat rice eggs, sandwiches, and oatmeal in the morning and fruit .... But, hopefully i'll get the hang of it soon.
My book of Mormon reading this week took me up to the middle of Alma where it is talking about Ammon and Aaron and them, I would definately recommend reading that if you don't have somewhere to read out of the book of mormon. THose guys are amazing!! It makes for some very fun reading too... lotsa good stories, but my time has run out... Til next week,
Elder Kraus
ps.. everyone keep writing me!!

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  1. Beans, rice, plantains, mango, papaya... :) Sounds like Elder Kraus is settling in!