Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yum, Bite size fish!

Hey everyone!
This week has been kinda all over the place. We did a lot of trade offs, so the earlier part of this week was spent a lot in taxi's, but the later part of this week was sweet except for Saturday night. I wasn't feeling too good after lunch, but we went out and taught til dinner, and then i was feeling bad enough, that i couldn't go out any more, so i was up all night by the toilet. I'll spare you the details, but it was a rough night. Sunday we didn't want to miss church because of our investigators, and i'm the organist, so we got up and went and i started to feel better. By the time church was over I was basically all better :) So we went and saw a family up in a place called Fruitful vale. Its so sweet!! Its seriously a paradise on earth haha. The family up there is so cool. I love them so much! We had a really good lesson with them, and Caeser (the dad) got a little emotional at the end. The spirit was really strong. And Caesar seriously has some of the coolest ways at looking at things. I feel like we learned as much as he did. They are really awesome people. I'll send some pictures of them all next week (i don't have my cable now). But today was P-day and we went up there to chill with them for a while. They took us up this mountain called Job's peak (Caesar said it got its name because it takes the faith of Job to get to the top haha), and it was just gorgeous! It's the coolest place ever. There are springs all over to drink out of and really just everything about it is awesome! On the way up, i used his machete to chop myself a moses staff cuz me and Elder Ashton kept slipping haha.. it was pretty sweet, but it wouldn't fit in the taxi back, so i had to abandon it. Oh, while we were up there, Caesar caught these little mini fish. and brought them back down with us. I wasn't really sure what he was going to do with them, because they were tiny!! like smaller than my finger. and when we got back to his place, he fried them up.. didn't scale them, debone them or anything... and gave us a bowl of them haha... so i apprehensively just popped a whole fish (head and all) in my mouth and crunched it up. lol.. i wasn't too happy about it.. and they all were just dying at my face as i tried to choke it down. It was an adventure.. but the kids just ate them like popcorn!! lol... but it was a really good day, we had a great time with them.
Oh, and this week we also met this awesome guy named Tommy... When we were passing by him, he asked me for money (it happens a lot since we are white and look rich cuz of our church clothes), and i responded that i was gonna ask him the same question.. haha and then proceeded to explain we don't get paid to do this and basically bore my testimony. then we got into a realy good conversation with him about the church, and basically he was like.. i've been trying to stop smoking ganja (weed, marajuana.. ya), and want to change my life and get baptized.. we found out he lives really close to us, and he suggested that we just walk by and walk to church with him on Sunday haha.. He is awesome!!! I'm really excited to start teaching him.
But ya, it has been a great week :) Everyone keep writing me!! I'll do my best to keep writing also, but i have kinda limited time on P-days, and writing letters takes a long time, so don't get your hopes up too high. But i love to get mail. So write me lots!! :) But, its that time... I"ve got to get going Likklemore yeer? (i'll catch ya later in patwa haha)
I love you all
Elder Kraus

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