Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July 26th, 2010 BUGS!!!! & BAPTISM

Sorry, the email got all screwed up this week, so this one is a week late.
I talked to my first Rasta's this week.. They are completely nuts generally. Ganja really does mess with your head. haha.. Well, this week was pretty good. :) We ran out of matches on like Tuesday though, so we had to figure out another way to light the stove til we could find more. We rolled up some paper and stuck it in the toaster til it caught on fire and we used that to light the stove. haha. Other than that, the mornings have been pretty much the same, except for I'm getting braver. Now it only takes me a minute to get the guts to get in the shower (it still takes my breath away every time haha).. I'm starting to get used to the bug bites. I have so many, but it kinda is just starting to feel normal to be itching everywhere. I swear the bugs hear are evolving. They probably feed their baby bugs mosquito spray for dinner, because they seem to have an immunity to it. Doesn't slow them down at all. I even have a bug bite on the bottom of my foot....Its nuts. haha oh and on the topic of bugs, we have been fighting quite the cockroach war. We killed 3 last night, but they are so fast its always an adventure. We have two lizards living in the house with us too, but we leave them alone, because we are hoping that they'll help us out by eating some of the bugs.
We lost the car this week. Some missionaries in Highgate needed it because one of them has a bad ankle, so from now on (at least for the next few months) we are biking and walking. ..I get the bike that I will be using on Wed. but for now I am using a bike that was left here by some missionary. It is..... awesome haha.. The first day, the back tire rubbed on the frame so bad that it was like having the back brakes slammed on the whole time, and the seat was basically a piece of wood, oh and the tires were so low that every time i hit a bump the rim hit the ground haha..ya, the first day biking was a little rough, but i did a lot of work on it one of the nights after we came in, and now it is running smooth. I have never appreciated a bike that runs well more than now. :) So ya, since we are biking and walking, we are pretty much always soaked (its so humid here that all of the envelopes that i bought in the states sealed shut lol) , either from sweat or from rain. Which reminds me, its really funny to see the Jamaican guys walking around with umbrellas all the time.. Definately different from the states.
Oh, this week we had our first zone conference. It was up at Ocho Rios (Ochi), and we drove there. It was a good conference. President Hendricks and Sister Hendricks spoke. They are awesome!! But the ride back was an adventure. We had to catch taxis because we gave the Highgate missionaries the car in Ochi. The taxis here are crazy!! They take like normal cars or vans and cram people in them until they literally can barely shut the door. it was prolly the longest three hours of my life. But it made me appreciate not being cramped up more, so.... ya it was a good experience ha.
Jessica, Lakeisha, and Sanekay are getting baptised this Saturday! :) I'm so stoked for them. They are great girls. The funny thing is that their biggest concern was the water. We had to have a whole lesson on not being scared of the water. It was a funny one. :)
I have been reading the Book of Mormon strait through lately, and it is really cool to read it fast. I have never really gotten the big picture, and really understood the cool story it is until I started to read it fast like this. It is making a lot more sense, and I really look foreward to reading each morning. If you have never read the Book of Mormon really fast, do it. It makes it so enjoyable, and its really a cool story. Oh also, we listened to a CD called "The Meaning of the Atonement" by W. Cleon Skousen on the drive up to Ochi. Its seriously mind blowing. I have never listened to anything cooler in my life. If you haven't listened to that, definately do it. It's simply stunning.
Oh, and this week we also had dinner with the Forresters (they feed us every Sunday) and the Wilson's (they feed us every Friday)... we had rice and peas and chicken for both of them and it was way good. It seriously takes work to get through how much food they give us. I love it! :) Oh and the Forresters had this homeade mongo juice.... It was divine!! :) haha... but thats all for now. Enjoy the pictures.
Elder Kraus
p.s. Everyone write me!! :)

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