Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mind, Heart and Soul

Hey everyone!!
This week has been great!! First off, i gave my first blessing for the sick.. This member woman here was really sick, and was going to take the week off of work (which would really hurt financially in Jamaica), and had plans to go to the doctor then next morning to find out what was wrong. But we went up and visited her, and I gave her a blessing. I felt prompted to bless her that she would be healed, so i did, and then we left. The next day we were passing by her shop, and saw her inside! We stopped in and she said she had woken up that morning feeling completely better and went to the doctor anyway and he said nothing was wrong. So she was able to go to work. It was awesome!! A really neat experience. Oh and then also, this Sunday, me and Elder Ashton spoke in church (for the second time haha). We spoke on the sacrament, and i had prepared like a three page talk and went for 15 minutes and only got through half of it somehow haha. That was a new experience, so i was feeling pretty good, but then we got to priesthood meeting and we were sitting waiting for someone to get up and teach, and then the branch president came up to me and was like... "well, we have no one to teach, so Elder Kraus, can you teach on the Abrahamic covenant?" Wow.... that was an adventure for sure, i taught for an hour on something i didn't really know anything about... longest hour of my life. I think I learned more about it than they did, because i had to learn it while teaching it lol. It was interesting. Oh, and I am the branch "organist". They have a ghetto keyboard that has an organ setting that they have hooked up to some speakers, so i play for sacrament meeting every week. I am really wishing that i would have practiced my hymns more, but i'm getting better at sight reading. Its an adventure every week haha.
This monday, we travelled to Kingston for a mission conference!... Elder Anderson of the second quorum of the seventy spoke. It was way good!! He talked about a lot of things. But the thing he dwelled on the most was Mathew 22:37. He said that there was a specific reason that the words he used were mind heart and soul. There are different ways to love and serve God, and different types of knowledge. Mind knowledge, is like memorization, book learning. Heart knowledge is when we have a desire, and know in our hearts that it is true. and Soul knowledge is action, it is the actual changing and actions that come from the desire of heart knowledge. As we live the commandments, our soul knowledge will increase. He went a lot deeper into it, and sorry i wasn't able to explain it very well, but it was awesome!!
Oh and at the mission conference, i ran into a missionary named Elder Gardner. He is from Star Valley, Wyoming and said he was Lindsey Call's cousin!! I thought i recognized him, so that was way cool.. We talked for a while.
But, time is short... I've got to go... Til next week
Love Elder Kraus

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