Tuesday, November 8, 2011

After Great Tribulations Come the Blessings

Hey Everyone!!!!

THis week was sweet!! We've been working our tails off, talking to everyone, and teaching at all times, and its been awesome!! :) We've really been focusing on talking with everyone and inviting them to hear our message... whether it be at the supermarket talking to the cashier as we're cashing out, or just walking down the street and talking to people... and the results have been amazing!! We always have like 2-3 days in advance completely booked with people to see!! Its awesome! :) And I really have a testimony of the Lord putting people in our path.. When we plan properly, and seek guidance from our Heavenly Father on what we should do each day, the Lord always blesses us by putting people who are prepared in our paths... A lot of times when an appointment falls through, we kind of have the tendency to just say, ok... on to the next one... but, when something falls through lately, we've really been focusing on trying to figure out what the Lord wants us to do in that area... and its been awesome!!! We're being blessed with so many people to teach!! This week on Wednesday, an appointment fell through, and we decided to go see a member (Sis. Grant) who had asked us for a blessing if we had time... We went there expecting to give a blessing, but she was feeling better and said she didn't need it anymore... and another member (Sister Phillips) was over at her house, so we decided to have a quick lesson with her because we didn't know her that well yet... After an awesome lesson and really getting to know her, we asked for referalls, and BLESSINGS!! she got really excited and asked us to start teaching her kids.. (Jeromey (18) and Atanya(13))... We set an appointment for the next day and went to see them... in the morning.. .and surprise!! more BLESSINGS :) Her 19 year old niece (Jelene) was there as well getting ready to go to work and joined us in the lesson.... We had an amazing lesson on the restoration with them, and committed them to read from the Book of Mormon and pray to know its true.... Sunday, they came to church with their mom... and more BLESSINGS!! During Priesthood, the teacher felt inspired to split the class in 2 and one half went to see a priesthood brother who hadn't been to church in a good while, while we went to see another guy who hadn't been in a while as well!! Jeromey was in our group and we walked down the street and visited the member... It was awesome and the member was really feeling the love and commited to come next week... but the blessings of the visit extended far beyond that..... We had a lesson with Jeromey and Atanya after church at their house on the gospel of Jesus Christ.... and when we got there... they had both kept their reading commitments plus Jeromey read up to 1 Nephi 14 already!! We invited them to be baptized on November 26th, and they both eagerly accepted... They are soaking up the gospel like a sponge and are so excited about it!! After they accepted the baptism date, Jeromey told us that while we were walking to see the less active that he really felt the spirit and wanted to serve a mission and tell everyone about it... So he also commited to start preparing to serve a mission... :) It was such an awesome day!!!

I really have such a strong testimony of the scripture that says that after great tribulations come the blessings... because Saturday was like the worst day ever... Every lesson fell through.. along with most of the backups.. but we kept busy and working hard despite the frustrations.. and at the end of the day just felt destroyed and discouraged... but we woke up Sunday feeling revived, went to work, and the blessings flowed in!! The Lord blesses us when we are diligent in doing his work.. :)

Members are so vital in the work as well... because when they refer someone to the missionaries to learn about the gospel... it goes so much better!! How missionarywork should ideally go is the members inviting all their friends to be taught and the missionaries teaching everyone with the members' help.. :) The Lord's work moves the fastest when members have the courage to share the gospel with their friends... So please.. this week.. identify one friend who is not a member of the church and invite them to meet with the missionaries or invite them to church.... Just get inviting!! :)

I love this gospel and am super excited to continue to do work here!! Everyone have an awesome week! :)

One Love!!

Elder Kraus

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