Monday, November 28, 2011

So Thankful for Pumpkin Pie & Baptisms!

Hey Everyone!! This week was AMAZING/CRAZY!! Monday, I cooked 4 pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving... :) Surprisingly, only one of them lasted til then haha... I guess I got a little excited to show people I can cook.. :) haha They turned out really awesome though... despite our oven not having any tempurature controls... (its just this ghetto flame thing...)... which is prolly why the pies had so many knife marks in them (me checking if they are done... ).. But it was awesome.. :) Thanks for the ingredients mom!! :)

After that, this week was filled with trade off's and awesome lessons with Jeromey, Atanya, and Kadine.. :) They passed their baptism interviews on Thursday with flying colors and were just so excited for Saturday!! Thursday was just an amazing day... One of the best thanksgivings ever for sure.. :) A member (Sister Dennis) invited us over for dinner along with a lot of members of the branch, and it was awesome!! We ate on her roof with the cool breeze blowing and a sweet view of Old Harbour..and food.... SO MUCH!! :) It was pretty sweet... Tons of fun, and we really got to know some of the members a little better... :) Oh and I brought the last pumpkin pie and it was a hit!! :) Everyone loved it!! Thursday was definitely an awesome day..

Friday was kinda crazy... Elder Nelson got sent here for a few days to wait til his visa clears (he's getting transferred to the Turks and Caicos)... so there's been 3 of us for a few days... but its been really fun!! :) He has a guitar, so we've been playing around on that after planning at night... Its been pretty sweet.. :)
And finally... SATURDAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!! We did service in the morning for a lady who lives by Kadine (we forked up a bunch of soil and cleared about 30 feet of jungle (literally jungle.. like it was taller than me.. :)) with our machetes.... and they fed us lunch afterwords... (i was messin around pretending to eat with the pitch fork... so thats that pic haha) and then we all met up at the church and went to May Pen for the baptism.. :) It was flawless!! Everyone was on time, there was a lot of member support, and even some members from May Pen were there (Sister Sterling!! :))... It was such a cool baptism!! They were all so excited, especially Jeromey and Atanya's mom... She said it was the best day of her life! :) It was such a good expererience and the Spirit was so strong... Kadine was beaming... She's been through so much to reach this point in her life, and it was AMAZING to be able to be here and see her overcome all the obstacles and follow the example of Jesus Christ.... Honestly... It just couldn't have been a better day....

Sunday, all 3 were confirmed in church, and Jeromey was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood... He's already preparing to serve a mission in a little over a year when he turns 19... :) It was such a golden day.. :) Just a golden week!!
Oh and transfer calls came... Elder Luke is coming here to be with Elder Gayle.... and I'm getting transferred to Kingston to serve as an assistant to President Hendricks with Elder Hoffman..... I'm excited, but way nervous! I'm sure I'm gonna grow and learn a ton though, so I'm pumped for that... but I'm just hoping I do a good job.. I'll give it my best.. :) It's gonna be cool to be back in the constant spring branch again.... But I'm pretty sad to be leaving Old Harbour.... I am really starting to love it here.. I feel really close with some of the members, and especially Demetry-ann (she was at the baptism on Saturday, gave the talk on baptism, and has just been being an awesome member missionary... ), Jeromey, Atanya, and Kadine... I'm definitely gonna keep in touch with them for the rest of my life.. :)

So ya.... That's this week in a nutshell... :) haha.. pretty crazy, but pretty amazing.. :) I love my life.. :)
But Everyone have an awesome week, and work off all the weight you gained at thanksgiving haha... :) just playin...... but seriously...

One Love!! Elder Kraus

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