Thursday, November 3, 2011

Demetry Ann

Hey Everyone!!

This week was sweet!! :)

I don't have too much time, so I'll hit the high points.. Tuesday was pretty much cursed for us haha..All our appointments fell through except one... We are teaching a really cool Muslim girl named Kadeen.. and her lesson worked out.. but it also was cursed haha.. A rasta man showed up who is friends with Kadeen (the same one who owns the gym we work out at sometimes in the morning...)... and noticed that we were talking about Jesus Christ.... and bam!! Turns out.. he's not a rasta at all, but really is a Christian.... POSER!! haha.. So ya.. he pretty much took over and started preaching Jesus Christ to her... and no matter how hard we tried.. we couldn't take control of the lesson again.. so we ended up leaving after a bit and left him preaching to her haha...but it was quite a sight... a huge rasta man (locks and all) preaching Jesus to a Muslim... Definitely not something we see every day... But it was all good.. We had a trade off later in the week with the zone leaders.. (I was with Elder Mcloud in Old Harbour)... and we had a SWEET day!! We finished our trade off with an amazing lesson with Kadeen.. The spirit was so strong, and she is becoming more and more converted to the gospel and Jesus Christ.... (at one point durning the lesson, I heard her mutter "I need this"... )... It was awesome!! It was pretty sweet, because we testify to everybody that if they find out the Book of Mormon is true, they will know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, Joseph Smith was a prophet called by Jesus Christ, and this is Jesus Christ's true church on the earth again...).. and most people already believe that Jesus Christ is their Savior... so its been an awesome experience for me use the Book of Mormon to testify and teach about Jesus Christ... It really is a testament of Jesus Christ... Kadeen is already up to Helaman in the Book of Mormon, and though she still has questions and things, she can feel her testimony growing of the Savior.... So cool!! :) Truly anyone who will honestly read and pray about the Book of Mormon, will find that it is true and have a desire to follow it.. :)

Friday was sweet!! Demetry-Ann got baptized!! :) It was such a great service and the spirit was really strong... Oh, and we did it at a beautiful river!! :) It was awesome!! She is doing great and eagerly learning the gospel more and more each day.. Its been so fun to work with her and see the progress she's making...

Sunday was also amazing... Demetry-Ann was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting, and came teaching with us after church along with a few other members.. Probably my favorite lesson of the day though was with a girl named Tiffra... We had planned to go and teach the restoration to her... but she started out by telling us how she knows there is a creator by just looking around at the earth... the trees, the way the wind blows.. She said she was just sitting there earlier that day and thinking about that... and how she knows that there is a creator.... and I felt promped to ask her the question....,"What are we doing here?"... She thought about it for a minute and then responded that she had never really thought about it that way...and it was an amazing lesson!! We helped her understand her purpose in life.. That she had lived with God before this and he had created this earth for us to come get bodies, learn and grow, and prepare to live with him.... and it tied in great to really the reason to find truth... find what God wants us to do to live with him again.... That is what we are doing every day... helping people find the path back to Heavenly Father again... It was such a powerful lesson and she gave probably the most heartfelt prayer I have ever heard at the end of the lesson.... so sincere... talking to Him like a father rather than some unknown being... It was awesome!! :)
So ya... the week was good.... I defintaley feel my testimony of the gospel growing daily as I teach about it...:) I love this gospel and am so grateful for the plan of salvation.... Its beautiful!! and brings so much purpose to life... :)

Everyone have an awesome week!!

One Love

Elder Kraus

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