Monday, November 21, 2011

Climbing the Coconut tree, so worth it!!

Hey Everyone!!

This week was sweet!!! I don't have too much time... but.. I'll just share a couple things about it... First one... We were brushing yard for Demetry-ann, and I asked her if I could get a coconut (they drink them like water here haha)... and she said.. "ya.. .if you can get one...." They have a coconut tree that is about 30 ft. tall and she didn't think I could climb it.. ... Her dad even said... anytime I see you climb that tree... you'll see me do it too haha (he's like 50 and kinda overweight.. so no way he could climb it...)... Well... the challenge was on... so i took off my shoes, and climbed right up... (same way the guy does it in the other side of heaven.. but a little slower)... and picked a couple coconuts... haha... I wish i could show you.. but the video is too long to send.. but they were alll pretty surprised... :) It was way hard though.... like back home there was always this rock climbing wall at scout camp.... and i remember how tired the arms get when I climbed that.. and this was like way worse haha... I was exhausted!! But it was way worth it.. :) the coconuts were super sweet and they got to see their first white man climb a coconut tree haha...

Prolly the coolest experience this week was with Kadine.... She was kinda struggling with her testimony of this as the only true church, and we felt prompted to read Joseph Smith History with her.... the part about him struggling to find truth, praying and the first vision... and it was such a cool experience.. she read the whole thing out loud and then we all just kinda sat there for a minute silently, and I've never felt the Spirit testify to someone so strongly before... :) It was definately a "light switch moment"... Her face lit up with a smile, and she excitedly exclaimed, "I've been looking for this my whole life!! It's true.... This is it, I've found it!!" She was so excited and was pouring out thanks to us for bringing it to her, to God for answering her prayer, and wanted to go tell everyone all around her that its true!!! :) She is so excited about the gospel and her baptism coming up on Saturday.. :) She shared with us how she had been from church to church to church, and was so excited that she finally found the true gospel of Jesus Christ... She said she didn't even know if it could be found in one place... She truly was looking for the truth but knew not where to find it... :) and one cool thing about that we got to her house at about 7:30 at night, and right when we got there she called us on the phone (not knowing we were outside)...I answered, and told her we were outside...:) When she came out, she told us that she was calling to cancel, because she felt really tired all of a sudden...If we had been there 1 min. later, we wouldn't have been able to have the appointment.. coincidence?? haha I don't think so.:) The Devil will do anything to keep people from having spiritual experiences.. but thankfully, the Lord is way smarter and knows exactly what to do to counteract his attacks... It's our job to be in tune to the Spirit to know what the Lord wants us to do..:)

Saturday should be awesome!! Kadine, Jeromey, and Atanya are all really excited for their baptisms... :) and it should just be an awesome week!! I know that this is Jesus Christ's true church and the gospel blesses everyone's life who will honestly seek for it! :)

till next week!!

One love!!

Elder Kraus

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