Monday, November 14, 2011

Demetry Ann & Kadine

Hey Everyone!!

This week was sweet!! Not really anything crazy happened, but we had an amazing week!! Jeromey and Atanya are doing amazing; both are super excited for their baptism coming up on the 26th.... :) And both were at church on Sunday... and are lovin it!!

Sunday was pretty much amazing!! Me and Elder Gayle both spoke in church as well as DEMETRY-ANN!! :) It was awesome! She was super nervous but gave a great talk!! All three of us spoke on love, and how important it is in this gospel... Like it says in Moroni 7... WIthout charity.. We are nothing!! As I was studying and preparing for the talk, I really felt my testimony grow of it, and definately felt my love increase for everyone and missionarywork.. :) It was awesome!! I love speaking in

After church I had a pretty cool experience... Our usual routine is to have a lesson with someone right after church and then go home for lunch... We did that, and were sitting at home.... I had just finished eating lunch (mac n cheese.. :) ... and was studying for a lesson that we had planned later that day... (we have an hour for lunch and dinner)... and all the sudden I got really excited to just go out and start teaching.... I'm always excited to get out and talk to people, but this was different... I really felt like we needed to leave right then... I couldn't even finish the page I was on... So I told Elder Gayle, and we left... not really sure why we were leaving out early... We went to the first lesson that we had scheduled and..... She wasn't home... and neither was her backup....but then Demetry-ann called and said she was at Kadine's house cooling out and talking with her, and wanted us to come over... so we decided to go see Kadine... (a muslim girl that we've been teaching... we didn't have another lesson planned with her until later in the week).. We had asked Demetry-ann earlier to really try hard to reach out and be good friends with Kadine, and fellowship her, and when we got there, it was pretty apparent that she had been... It seemed like they had known each other forever and were best friends.... :) We had an amazing lesson with Kadine, and found out a lot of concerns that she had... The Spirit was so strong and she is so determined to overcome everything she's struggling with and be ready to be baptized on the 26th (which we had extended to her at the start of this month) as well... :) It was a really cool experience... because if we hadn't left early, we wouldn't have had time to go and see Kadine (we have a packed schedule every day)... and if Demetry wasn't there, the lesson would have gone very differently, because Kadine knows that missionaries get moved around, but having Demetry-ann who can always be there for her was a huge comfort... The power of member's fulfilling their missionary responsibilities is limitless!!!! :) I'm super excited for Kadine and have a lot of confidence that she can be ready by the 26th... even though it will take a lot of hard work.. :)

I know that if we do everything we're supposed to, the Lord blesses us with his children to teach... and I'ave defintely seen the blessings of obedience and hard work... We have a blessed problem right now... trying to find time to see everyone! ... :) We have so many people to teach that we have like 3-4 days booked in advance haha We're so busy!! Work work work!! . I'm so excited and happy to be here serving a mission, and I smile so much that I'm pretty sure its gonna be permanently stuck on my face if I don't stop soon haha... I'm so happy doing the Lord's work and these 2 years are really flyin!!

Everyone have a sweet week, and talk to a friend about the gospel.. or be a good friend to someone learning about it... :) They need you!!!!

One Love,

Elder Kraus

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